Thursday, June 6, 2019

Slinkey: Pop Da Colla/Dollas (Promo VLS) (Good Game Entertainment, 2000)

Further music from Las Vegas-based artist Slinkey (real name Manuel Alfonso Blake) who in 2004 was sentenced to death for the execution-style slayings of two strippers in the Nevada desert. While his brand of gangsta R&B paints the picture of a man very much obsessed with dough,  it showed a lot of potential with features from Big Dre, Rappin' 4-Tay and others. Often mistaken for a rapper, the songs above are a mixture of early 2000s Southern-style contemporary R&B and retro sounding grooves with a Bobby Brown-esque edge. A follow up from 2002 (posted here), was the final thing he released before his sentencing.

Pop Da Colla (LP Version) 4:57
Pop Da Colla (Instrumental) 4:57
Pop Da Colla (Acappella) 4:56
Dollas (LP Version) 3:45
Dollas (Instrumental) 4:19
Dollas (Acappella) 4:16