Sunday, June 23, 2019

Slinkey: Freak Show (CDM) (Good Game Entertainment, 2002)

Further music from Las Vegas-based R&B singer Slinkey (real name: Manuel Alfonso Blake) who in 2004 was sentenced to death for a double homicide. I posted his "Freak Show" vinyl back in October of last year but here is the single featuring previously unheard snippets from his album that was never released, most likely owing to his court trial and the final sentencing for the crime he committed in March, 2003. While the quasi-rap style of "Freak Show" may have gotten him mistaken as a rapper by the press, the rest of his stuff (including an earlier release from 2000) is most definitely R&B. With the exception of a few tracks, most of it (notably "Pop Da Colla" (not featured), "Dollas" (not featured), "Diggin' The Day" and "Hot 2 Def") is pretty gangsta, perhaps another reason why he got that label. Regardless, along with Tika (posted here), he is definitely one of the more better indie R&B artists to come out of Sin City in the early 2000s.

Freak Show featuring Hectic (LP Version) 3:45
Log On To (Snippet) 0:44
Diggin' The Day (Snippet) 0:50 (the full version of this track can be found as a b-side to the "Freak Show" 12")
Ultimate Mackin' (Snippet) 1:07
Hot 2 Def featuring Apex (Snippet) 0:52