Wednesday, June 12, 2019

RhaaShan: S/T (Self-Released, 200x)

Further early 2000s praise from Langley Park, Maryland with RhaaShan J. Johnson of Greater Champion Ministries. Again, I am not a great fan of gospel but as with Tani, Bi-Faith and many others I posted here, this album stood out from the rest as the sound is more along the lines of early 2000s contemporary R&B with a little hip hop thrown in for good measure. I dare say I enjoyed most of it with only 1 reggaeton-type track "Hail Him Up" (the only one of its kind on the album) that I did not care for as much. There's no date of release but guessing 2002-2003 at the very least.

Intro (Thank You Lord Jesus) 2:28
David's Dance 4:31
Sister (You're A Diamond) 4:33
Nobody 5:56
Favor 2:52
Don't Give Up On Me 5:01
Serious Interlude 1:38
Takin' It Back 3:47
Tithe And Offering Song 4:55
Hail Him Up 4:15
Champion (RhaaShan's Theme) 5:58
Outro (Altar Call) 5:08