Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Keith Brougham: A Cali Artist Found In The Virginia Beach Crates

Another rare and surprising find from Stuaaart's Virginia Beach crate hunter Napo, a California Bay-Area (East Oakland) artist Keith Brougham. The single "Lady's Night" is a remix; whether an original version exists I don't know but the version on the snippet sampler sounds identical to it. The track is a chilled, mid-tempo groove with lazy but smooth vocals. There's no date of recording but from 2002 as per the snippet sampler. The sampler, running at just under 15 minutes, is on one continuous track and includes excerpts of various songs with commentary from the artist himself throughout. Seeming pretty local to the Bay-Area, I don't know how his single and excerpts from his proposed album "3774" ended up in Napo's home town but as always we are thankful that he found it.

Radio 4:22
Instrumental 4:21
Accapella 3:56