Sunday, June 30, 2019

Ebonaé: Consequences (One 2 fear Entertainment, 1996)

A collector's "Holy Grail" and found by Napo while digging the crates in and around Virginia Beach. It turns out that they were from his area (Chesapeake) and this was actually one of a few copies that he found. Sadly along with Deon and Ultimate Pleazure, mp3s of this gem have long been in circulation for years among certain types of 'collectors' but to find an OG copy is probably a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence let alone a whole stack of them. Produced by Clayton Savage, a recording artist from Manassas, VA, the style is a mixture of R&B, soul and rap with a NKRU-meets-Pure Soul sort of vibe. There are no tracks that I didn't care for but for the 'booty' style outro which includes an interpolation of "Keep It Real" by Cheryl Lynn. Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to Napo and as always to Stuaaart for keeping this section going.

Everyday 4:14
Put Your Lips On Me (Original) 4:20
Take A Dipp 4:14
Come Into My Bedroom 3:46
Do You Think 5:30
Thinking Of You 4:45
Consequences 4:30
Too Bad 4:24
This Love 4:47
Gimme A Chance 3:43
Take A Dipp (Remix) 4:16
Put Your Lips On Me (Remix) 4:30
Keep It Real (Outro) 3:04