Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Zsiaah: Promo EP (200x)

R&B and Caribbean flavas from Chicago-based artist Zsiaah (pronounced See-ah) and produced by Ron Prince, previously of The Kinsey Report. The issuing date is a little hard to make out but I believe this set was from 2008. The first track "I Don't Want To Hold Back" in particular is very synonymous of the mid-2000s era (I would not be shocked if somebody said Monica Arnold recorded this track) while the more conscious-sounding track 3 "Where You Wanna Be" is definitely more old school sounding. I can't find much out about the artist but in 2001, she recorded with Louis Satterfield, formally of Earth, Wind And Fire. As per her ReverbNation page, "her songs represent her prayers and hopes for mankind, aimed to enlighten and uplift the soul, mind and spirit." Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution. 

I Don't Want To Hold Back 4:11
You Don't Have To Come Around 4:20
Where You Wanna Be 4:03
Rebirth In The Inner-City 3:52
Move Your Body 3:46