Wednesday, March 27, 2019

On The Contrary: Promo EP (White Label VLS) (1996)

On The Contrary were a U.S. duo that was signed to former Shai frontman Carl "Groove" Martin's R&B label, which initially was set up as a division of MCA Records in 1995. According to an article sourced online, he signed a $2 million sub-label deal with MCA which required a minimum of two projects to be completed per year. Sadly, for reasons unknown, the label folded and Martin took one of the acts On The Contrary to the UK where he signed a distribution deal instead with Expansion Records. They only ever released one single "Love To Love You", which was produced by Corey
Rooney and Marc Morales. Their album was not released but some tracks appeared on a very scarce promo CD and a handful of UK white label 12"s. Produced by Martin and his associate Milton "Pocket" Honore Jr., "Uptown Lover" is a funky hip hop-ish ode to East Coast guys while the deliciously smooth "Men Who Excite Me" goes on to explore the taboos of the unspeakable...I posted the promo CD a few years back but the above white label features a further downtempo track "All Alone" that did not appear. All tracks were issued on a split UK 12" along with Yvette Michelle's "I'm Not Feelin' You," most likely in 1996. Up there with anything by SWV or even TLC at the time, Martin really had something to offer with this funky duo but sadly did not have the right backing from MCA or Expansion House in the UK. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Men Who Excite Me 4:28
All Alone 4:45
Uptown Lover 4:05