Monday, March 25, 2019

Three Tymes Luv: Irresistible (Sunshine Records, 1992)

A blast from the past...the "lost" album from Miami, FL trio Three Tymes Luv and seemingly released in 1992 following their two singles "Irresistible" and "I Wanna Groove." Unbeknownst to me, it seems that Tami Hert was not a member unless she went by a different name or joined at a later time for a different project. Former Company B member Charlotte McKinnon's name also doesn't appear but she was a member at one point as confirmed by an article I managed to find online. The members' names as stated in the inlay are Dawn, Michelle and Karen. Produced by Louis Oliver, a former Miami Dolphins safety, I have never seen their album anywhere but mostly the sound is a continuation of their singles... "Irresistible" is replayed in the gorgeous ballad "Dreams" and continuing on with the New Jack Swing tip "Don't They Know", "Don't Abuse My Luv" and the steamy "After Hours." There are also some amazing, soulful mid-tempos such as
"Change Of Heart" and "Don't Stop." They were inspired in part by En Vogue's success but mostly they fall into the early 90s New Jack Swing era. Sadly I don't know what became of them in the end but evidently McKinnon and Hert were not involved at this point and with a hole punch through the barcode, it is possible that this album was not even released at all.

Totally 3:38
Pleasure 3:57
Irresistible 4:36
Mine All Mine 4:20
Don't They Know 4:08
It's The Little Things 4:14
Don't Abuse My Luv 3:42
Change Of Heart 4:40
I Wanna Groove 4:12
Dreams 5:07
Don't Stop 4:40
Spread Your Luv 3:46
After Hours 4:12
TTL (3x♥) Club-A-Dub Mix 4:47