Sunday, March 3, 2019

Nicole Steel: Demo [EP] (199x)

Later demo from Chicago vocalist Nicole Steel who sadly I know nothing about other than she had 1 track feature on an independent Chi-Town comp in 1999.Unlike her previous soul demo - which probably dated back to the early 90s - her later work is more in line with mid-90s contemporary smooth R&B with professional-sounding production. Vocally not a "belter" but very melodic and tight harmony-wise - comparable somewhat to fellow Chi-Town singer Sparkle. "Time And Time Again", the smooth swing-stepper, later went on to feature on the Chi-Town comp "Stepping Around The World" in 1999 with a host of other obscure artists of different genres dedicated to the Chicago Stepping movement (an urban style of dance later popularized by such artists as R. Kelly.) The other upbeat number "Crazy 4 U" is funky 90s head-boppin' R&B while the two slower productions "Don't Waste My Time" and "Changes" are 90s quiet storm R&B at its best. No date of recording but most likely mid-to-late 90s at the least.

Time And Time Again 5:31
Don't Waste My Time 4:55
Crazy 4 U 4:04
Changes 3:53