Sunday, March 10, 2019

Funky Poets: Demo [EP] (199x)

Rough demo from early 90s group Funky Poets, who were mostly known for their single "Born In The Ghetto" which was released via Sony's 550 division in 1993. Sounding like they were influenced by many greats of yesteryear not limited to Earth, Wind And Fire and Joe Public, their album "True To Life" pretty much went unnoticed and in the fashion of quite a few other good urban acts signed to 550 Music in the 90s, the brothers went as quickly as they came...their brand of "conscious" soul way ahead of its time. I don't know when it was recorded but this early demo features 3 rough cuts from their album and 1 other track "Gotta Be Strong (In The City)" which went unreleased as far as I can tell. The Shai-esque "Never Say Never" is also in excerpt form here. It may have possibly started out as a short A Capella intended for use between LP tracks although I am not completely certain.

Born In The Ghetto    4:34
Gotta Be Strong (In The City)    4:43
Never Say Never    1:51
Feel My Love    4:19