Friday, February 1, 2019

Ruude: Anytime (VLS) (II Da G's, 199x)

I first featured this group about a year ago after originally hearing them on a compilation. The compilation that they featured on "Soul Pressure! Volume 2" was originally put out by London-based label Mission Records in the mid 90s and featured  tracks from mainly underground UK urban acts such as Truce, Kruez and Sha Sha (AKA Sharon White.) Like Serenade before them, I quickly became enamored by their 90s American R&B sound which stood apart from the more reserved street soul which was popular in the underground at the time and threw major shade at the more popular mainstream groups such as Eternal. They released three singles "How Many Times" , "Luv On Da Phone" and most recently discovered the above which is a 90s hip hop groove with a hook to murder for. A picture sleeve, here we get to see the group for the first time and listed on the back is the proposed title of their first album "Fatal Attraction" which does not seem to have been released. It has no release date but guessing sometime prior to 1995 as the II Da G's remix features a sample of "Joya's Intro" by Joya Owens and was lifted from her 1995 album "Here I Am." I would say that they were comparable to SWV , definitely more so than the other South London group Eternal. Yet more great UK R&B music that was overlooked in favor of sappy boybands and the Spice Girls... despite turning heads "Stateside."

 Anytime (Album Mix)    4:08
Anytime (II Da Gz's Mix)    4:11
Anytime (Radio Rap Edit Mix)    4:03
Anytime (Radio Edit - Without Rap)    3:43
Anytime (Instrumental)    3:46