Sunday, February 3, 2019

Denosh: Counting The Dayz (VLS) (Blacklisted Records, 1998)

Further music from Canadian underground label Blacklisted Records in the late 90s with Denosh (Bennett), a talented singer from Toronto, ON who these days works as a backing vocalist for some big names in the industry. Produced by the same team behind Filipina-Canadian group Ora and fellow Toronto soloist Delisha Thomas (see previous post), it is very similar to their work with sweeping vocal arrangements and smooth 90s R&B production. This vinyl single was released in 1998 but the original song dates back to 1996 on a compilation from the label's distributor Hi-Bias Records Inc. As for Bennett, she later turned her hand to acting and scored parts in Blues Brothers (1998), Woo (1998) and Honey (2002), among others. She also appeared as a dancer in Aaliyah's 2002 song "Rock The Boat." As for music, she sadly never got beyond the supporting stage (her biggest song to date is probably Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's 2004 single "It's A Love Thing" where she served as a featured vocalist) and these days appears to be happy singing back-up for the likes of Justin Timberlake and Demi Lovato. A real shame her knock-out voice is wasted on these pop horrors but at least she hasn't considered a career as a realtor...yet.

Counting The Dayz (Little Girl Come Home Mix)    5:07
Counting The Dayz (Instrumental)    5:04
Counting The Dayz (KJ's Soul Mix)    4:25
Counting The Dayz (Original Mix)    5:06
Counting The Dayz (Acappella)    4:09