Thursday, February 14, 2019

Blacklisted Presents: Tha Crab Theory (Blacklisted Records, 1999)

Further music from Toronto-based producers Sean & Billy Alexander (originally from Detroit, MI), whose indie label Blacklisted Records is known in collector's circles for Ora, Unique and a handful of other artists/groups in the late 90s. They did a stellar job mixing smooth 90s DeVante & Roger Troutman esque R&B ("How May I Do You", "I Need A Freak") with late 90s urban-contemporary and underground hip hop flavas (Ora, Chantelle, InEssence et al.) A few I have posted here but others have not been featured, either owing to their scarcity of the fact that they did not make it off this compilation ( far as I am aware.) Filipino quartet Ora are probably the most widely known and I featured their only single "N V So" back in 2014. A solid mix of smooth, mellow R&B grooves and uptempo urban-pop numbers, their style was somewhat reminiscent of En Vogue while male group Unique, who released an EP "How May I Do You" in the late 90s, sounded somewhat like Jodeci. Also featured is the lesser
known male group Taj with  "Hater" and Delisha Thomas whose only single "Can't Stop" I featured a few posts back. Among the more obscure is smooth male duo Dwayne and Jason (billed here as Canada's "Best Kept Secret") and a further female artist Chantelle...

Primarily R&B with the rap at a two track minimal.

(Interlude) Tha Bomb 1:23 (No Artist)
N V So 4:09 (Ora featuring Tha Renegade)
Can't Stop (U Got Me Hooked On U) 5:10 (Delisha Thomas featuring Angel Duss)
Imagine 5:42 (Dwayne & Jason)
Hater 5:09 (Taj)
Quit Stressin' 4:00 (Ora)
Tha Interview (Interlude) 3:55 (No Artist)
Can't Be Stopped (The Blacklisted Anthem) 4:23 (Romello Skuggs)
Tha Nasty North 4:49 (Blacklisted featuring Tha Renegade (T.O. Girlz)
Alwayz 4:08 (Chantelle)
Lay Your Body Next To Mine 5:32 (Unique)
InEssence 5:19 (Hooked)
Some Freak Shit 0:50 (No Artist)
I Need A Freak 4:28 (Blacklisted featuring Clint Torres & Harold Richard)
In My Dreams 4:45 (Blacklisted featuring Chantelle)
Quit Stressin' (Rock Steelo Remix) 6:02 (Ora)