Sunday, February 24, 2019

BeatFactory GROOVEssentials Volume One & Two (BeatFactory, 1997-1998)

BeatFacory was an Canadian independent urban label that was mainly active in the 90s. Founded in 1982 as originally a management/production company, it kick started the careers of many popular artists in the early 2000s including Glen Lewis and Kardinal Offishall whose first singles appeared on various rap and R&B compilations that they released in the late 90s. Sadly by the time the millennium rolled around, they had gained major label distribution and no longer focused strictly on Canadian or independent artists which is why the third volume in the series GROOVEssentials 2000 is not featured here. The first volume in the series introduced Glen Lewis to the world as well as
featuring a host of amazing homegrown talents not limited to Unique, Denosh, Jamie Sparks, Carlos Morgan and Wade O. Brown. Lewis later went on to sign to a major label (albeit for one album only) and the Jodeci-inspired male quartet Unique (who along with Denosh were produced by the brilliant Sean & Billy Alexander of Blacklisted Records) were nominated for a Juno Award. Volume Two is a little more off the radar although does feature unheard tracks by Delisha Thomas, Jazmin Baird and Boo Boo Brown (here known by her later alias of Divine Earth Essence) as well as many more obscure artists and acts that I've never heard of before such as Inϕinifi (a female group or duo) and Black Essence, a male vocal group with similarities to Boyz II Men. Altogether some great R&B from the Great White North before they took the easy way out with mainstream trash such as Usher, LaToya and other "popular" artists from that era. They have since become defunct regardless after being active since the early 80s. 

Volume One
The Thing To Do    5:03    (Glen Lewis)
Rock With You    4:56    (Mischke)
Making Me Feel    4:45    (Jamie Sparks)
Nasty    4:13    (Daryl West)
Baby C'mon (MF Club Mix)    4:41    (Carlos Morgan)
How May I Do You    5:20    (Unique)
I Just Want to be your Everything    4:46    (The McAuley Boys)
Tonight    4:19    (Denosh)
Give Me the Chance    5:43    (Wade O. Brown)
The Feelin'    3:22    (Just)
Forever Indebted    5:12    (Kuya)
Don't Leave Me Hangin'    4:31    (Camille Douglas)
To the Break A Dawn    4:37    (Levant's Crew)
Rock With You (Da Sizzling Street Mix)    5:33    (Mischke)

Volume Two
Never 4:57 (Rayon)
Inner City Livin' 4:00 (Divine Earth Essence)
No Other Woman 5:01 (Wade O. Brown)
Rally'N 4:34 (Jully Black)
Clockin Me 3:30 Inϕiniti
Let's Get Back Together 4:31 (Danny Blanco)
Stay 4:08 (Jazmin)
I'm Movin On 4:44 (Delisha Thomas)
Why 4:08 (Tas)
It's Not Fair 4:47 (Black Essence)
R.U.S.H. 5:10 (Derek Brin)