Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Various Artists: Song Factory (Promo CDr) (Media Creature Music, 200x)

Demo compilation from Canadian production outfit Song Factory (Alex Tsisserev & Mark Ellis (AKA Audio Ninja) who offered a wide range of popular styles in the early 2000s not limited to R&B, Dance-Pop and Latin music. Their biggest accomplishment to date is penning "Monday Mi Amor" for Latina girl group Soluna in 2002. Other than that, they seemed to be based mainly in Asia under Sony's ATV Music Publishing arm. The artists featured on this disc are mainly unknown but for Soluna and two members formally of Canadian R&B/rap group D-Cru Aimee MacKenzie (who was also one third of Canadian New Jack Swing trio West End Girls in the 90s) and Tanessa Tompkins. Aside from Soluna's "Monday Mi Amor" all appear to have not been released and aside from this one known track, I have no idea who does what. The urban tracks range from soulful R&B in the vein of R. Kelly to early 2000s "urban crossover" to Urban-Pop. It can be assumed that the vocalists on the majority of these are either MacKenzie or Tompkins but not entirely sure. There may also be unreleased tracks by Soluna but not really being a fan of their music, I can't say for absolute certain. Regardless, this compilation has never been seen anywhere else. 

Monday Mi Amor 3:54 (Soluna) (Dance Pop)
Read My Lips 3:35 (Tanessa Tompkins?) (R&B)
Don't Wanna Be Your Friend 3:26 (Male Artist Urban Pop) 
What My Heart Deserves 3:20 (Dance Pop)
Extasy 3:41 (Aimee MacKenzie?) (Urban Pop) 
No Apologies 4:37 (Male Artist R&B)  
Wash Your Tears Away 4:02 (Soluna?) (Pop)
Rosalina 3:37 (Male Artist Urban Pop w/ Latin Flavor) 
Playing Casanova 3:31 (Female Artist Urban Pop w/ Latin Flavor) 
Head Over Heals 3:05 (Pop)
You Are The One 3:08 (Pop)
4 Letter Word 3:30 (Tanessa Tompkins?) (R&B)
Together 3:51 (Aimee MacKenzie?) (Latin Pop Ballad)
Your Man 3:10 (Male Artist Acoustic R&B)
Monday Mi Amor 3:46 (Soluna) (Dance Pop)