Tuesday, January 29, 2019

State 2 State Compilation Vol. 1 (Micfiend Records, 2002)

From The Bay Area, a multi-state compilation featuring rap and R&B artists on Oakland-based label Micfiend Records, a label still owned and operated by female MC/producer Jymini (originally from Portland, Oregon.) The compilation features 18 artists from a variety of different states not limited to New York, Washington DC, Arkansas and Miami. Sadly very rap-heavy, the R&B tracks are few and far between (four out of a total of 18 tracks) but mostly they are quite good. Midwest female trio Authentik Soul bring the 90s R&B flava with "Being In Love" while Lock Down the G-Funk vibe on "Can't Maintain." Authentik Soul (active between 1995-1999) made regular appearances in talent
showcases and opened for many acts not limited to Tamia, Benito and Ray J. They recorded a 4-track demo which can be found on Sound Cloud but have since disbanded. One member TwinSpirit is still active and released her first full length project "An Introduction to the Soul" in 2003. A further artist Deesha (with "Dried My Eyes") originally hails from Toronto, Canada and has an Aaliyah-type vibe about her. Her first full length album "A Life Less Ordinary" was released in 2006 and nominated for a Juno Award. 

S2S Intro 1:05 (Jymini)
Partyin' With Me! 3:41 (Jymini)
Uh...Oh 4:11 (PROP)
On My Own 4:06 (Payback Time)
How Ya Like It 3:51 (Starchile)
They Aint Ready 4:25 (MURDER ONE)
Intermission #1 1:07 (Sandrelii)
I'm Pathetic 3:26 (Shawn Love)
The Outlaw 4:00 (Prince Domonique)
Being In Love 4:08 (Authentic Soul)
Reality 4:05 (Jedi)
Massdestruction 3:59 (DJ Scrilla)
The Hex Level Intermission #2 0:59 (Jymini)
Krackin 2:48 (Sarkastik)
Runnin' A Train 3:30 (Lil' D.V.S.)
U Aint A Solja 3:50 (Mister Blue)
Caint Maintain 3:51 (Lock Down)
Let There Be Mic's Intermission #4 0:48 (Curius)
Timez Up! 3:42 (Mista MC)
Atallhourzovdanite 4:18 (Khalit Abyss)
Dried My Eyes 3:59 (Deesha)
Point Of No Return 4:10 (Lyrical)
Outro 0:51 (Jymini)