Sunday, January 13, 2019

Phillippa: Earth Child...Rebirth (Self-Released, 2002)

From 2002, smooth neo soul with big vocals from Atlanta-area musician Phillippa (Williams) who in 2005 appeared with an original song in the Tyler Perry movie Madea’s Family Reunion. She was later snapped up by UK producer Errol Henry (formally of the gospel duo True Solace) and signed to his independent label i2 Recordings but aside from one feature (from 2017) it seems she never really did anything else. The above album was supposedly re-released in 2006 (with the Tyler Perry track "Look In The Mirror" included) but either it never was or as in the case of the above CD is extremely hard to find.

Both the Tyler Perry track and Errol's feature "Because You Loved Me" are available to download on iTunes.

Earth Child (Intro)    2:47   
You Got Me Thinking    3:55   
Come On Over    4:55   
I Gotta Get Away    3:18   
Is He    3:07   
Why I Call    3:53   
Hey Love    4:23   
Gotta Go To The Studio (Interlude)    0:53   
Juicy's Got Yo Back (A Best Friends Story)    3:18   
We Gonna Party    5:16   
Blaze 1    3:53   
Earth Child (Outro)    2:42   
Bonus Track(s)    3:16