Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Golden Records Presents: The Block (Golden Records, 2000)

A further compilation from Seattle, Washington and a mixture of Hip Hop, G-Funk and R&B from a handful of local artists that only seem to exist here. With no artist names to any of the songs listed, this may well possibly be a group (I am not 100% certain) but the R&B tracks (7 in total) are all female-fronted.

New York, NY 4:44
Party Don't Stop 3:54
Soldier 3:09
Matrix 4:32
Can't Stop 3:43
Freakin 4:09 (R&B)
Total Package 4:17 (R&B)
Bonus Track 4:54
Last Days 5:03
Bump 4:40 (R&B)
Wanna Do Wrong 4:38 (R&B)
Still I Rise 4:16 (R&B)
What's Up 4:17
Been Around 3:59
Out The Door 4:18 (R&B)
U Don't Know Me 4:03
Me With U 4:17 (R&B)