Friday, December 14, 2018

Smiley: Betcha Didn't Know (VLS) (Jewels Records, 200x)

Hardcore hip hop and R&B from Smiley, a female MC from Detroit who was mostly active between 1989-1983. She was known for her single "Smiley But I'm Not Friendly" and became the first female rapper from the town to receive a gold plaque. She was also known for her popular local video show The Smiley Show, which ran for 7 years. I don't know much about this particular recording by her but B-side has an almost garage house vibe with spoken word vocals and ad-libs throughout. The slowed down remix then turns it into a smooth R&B track and has different lyrics altogether and additional vocal refrains. A versatile artist who raps and sangs! Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Betcha Didn't Know    3:33
You Ain't Tippin' Me    3:51
You Ain't Tippin' Me [V.I.P. Mix]    4:00