Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Rita Mosley: S/T (RM313° Entertainment, 1998)

Prior to  "Sin City" and "Unleashed", Detroit native Rita Mosley released the above album - which I am presuming was her first - in the late 90s. Despite obscurity, it is a solid album with only the remix of "Freak-N" being something I probably could pass on. A blend of smooth 90s R&B and Sade-esque neo soul, it's not mentioned anywhere online but as per Discogs it yielded one single, the double-A-Side "Freakin'"/"Motown Funk" in 1998.

Motown Funk 3:02
Freak N (Featuring Pimpeht) 3:34
My Love -N- 3:37
You Are The One! 5:06
Check It Out 4:01
People Change 3:34
Whatever Happened? 4:03
Life 3:17
Nightcap 4:13
Better Days 4:07
Freak N (Re-Mix) 4:17