Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Steelo & Ayel: More obscure European groups

Courtesy of Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets, two more obscure European (Dutch) R&B groups and duos that seemingly never went beyond one single. The first one "Steelo" I originally posted back in May and features Dutch hip hop artist Statboogie while the second (duo) were produced by some of the people behind ex-Dignity vocalist Edsilla Rombley. Both are from the late 90s with Steelo having more of a mid-90s European R&B sound (a la Cutfather & Joe) while Ayel is more early 2000s Americanized urban crossover stuff. Not quite as refined as the majors Dignity and Juice (they do sing with a slight accent in places) but nevertheless good vocals and production on both tracks.

Blue Soul, 1997
Do Me Like That [Radio Mix] 3:31
Do Me Like That [Street Mix] 3:50

TWF Music, 1999
Ya Makin' Me [Radio Mix] 3:34
Ya Makin' Me [RAyel Mix] 3:51