Friday, December 21, 2018

Deon (AKA Dion "Deion" Jenkins): Don't Stop (R&B Music Entertainment, 2004)

Featuring production from DJ Hi-Tek, here is another find from the crates in and around Virginia Beach and hails from Falls Church, VA. Smooth early 2000s R&B at its best, the artist himself actually hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and is nowadays known by his actual name Dion or Dieon (Jenkins.) He's worked with The Game, 50 Cent and other prominent rappers in the early 2000s and was once signed to Aftermath Entertainment (although his album was not released.) He also worked with Hi-Tek on an album that allegedly went unreleased although I am uncertain if any of the songs ended up here. His latest EP "Time Wasted" can be found on Soundcloud and Bandcamp and all but 1 of the tracks are lifted from here. Sadly despite his level of professionalism and being linked with many high-profile rappers and producers, he is yet to release an actual solid album. Time Wasted for this talented guy for sure. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution and as always to our Virginia Beach dude for finding it. 

The Call 1:45
Heartbreaker 1:54
Messy 5:28
Tell Me 3:34
Certified 4:34
No Games 4:49
You Never Told Me 4:39
Wide Open 1:22
Overdose 4:09
Don't Stop 4:50
Grounded 5:22
The Last Call 1:22