Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Courtney Dennie: Bliss (DH Productions, 2005)

More obscure R&B from out the UK with Courtney Dennie, a former backing vocalist and writer and producer with major label connections (Joe, Jodeci, Keith Murray and many others he's worked with.) From the grime influences of "Cancel The Budget" to the orchestral samples in "Dirty Storm" to the smooth "quintessential" male balladeerring of  "Lady" and  his style is a mixture of hip hop, contemporary R&B and neo soul with light, melodic vocals. Sadly it doesn't appear as if he's done much since, despite being tipped to perform at Live Aid back in 2005, but is still on Sound Cloud where he seeks to "create", "unite" and "inspire" through sound. 

Intro 1:32
Cancel The Budget 4:04
Honey Child 4:12
Cant't Live Without You 2:54
Colder By The Flame 4:00
Dirty Storm 3:13
Ain't No Thing 3:35
Lady 4:02
Mo Fish's 3:01
Superficial Life 3:36
Sky's The Limit 3:44
Miracles 3:41