Friday, November 23, 2018

Ty Black: Foregasm (Promo EP) (Red Pepper Music Group Inc., 2002)

Possibly the best thing our guy has found for us this year and up there with the best we've found in the crates so far such as 3 'Til 3, Single and Unda Presha.... a local artist demo from (I am guessing) Virginia Beach featuring 7 smooth tracks. A mixture of late 90s and early 2000s contemporary R&B and smooth, sensual "quintessential" male ballads, the production and vocals are extremely professional but sadly along with the music group he belonged to, he appears to have no online presence whatsoever. No doubt this was just a local artist demo with only a few ever made but reminds us somewhat of Tank, Tyrese etc. Many thanks again to our guy and of course to Stuaaart for sending it my way. 

Prelude 1:40
Tell Me 3:50
Whatever 4:42
Straight To Your Heart 6:05
Lover 3:36
Hands Of Time 5:15
Nothing To Say 3:48