Friday, November 2, 2018

Slinkey: Freak Show/Diggin' The Day (Promo VLS) (Good Game Entertainment, 2002)

More early 2000s indie from a male artist Alfonso "Slinkey" Blake allegedly sentenced to death for a double homicide in Las Vegas in 2004 (citation needed.) The style - thug R&B - reminds me somewhat of this artist here although the A-side is more spoken word/rap. I won't go into detail about his crimes - however heinous they are - but he appeared to have quite a bit of potential, especially as a vocalist.

Freak Show 3:44
Freak Show (Instrumental) 3:38
Freak Show (Acappella) 3:40
Diggin' The Day 3:52
Diggin' The Day (Instrumental) 3:52
Diggin' The Day (Acappella) 3:41