Thursday, September 27, 2018

SX4: Hip-Pop Music For The New Millennium [EP] (Self-Released, 1999)

A further demo from a Los Angeles-area group (originally named SupremeTimes4) and a mixture of urban crossover R&B and dance-pop with a TLC-meets-3LW-meets-Girls Aloud kind of vibe. They released an album in 2004 as a threesome titled "Stay The Night" which may or may not have been preceded by two other volumes which, as of now, don't appear to exist anywhere. They were most likely only ever available on the street or given out at live shows. They previously had two songs featured on Kool & The Gang's Gangland compilation album and sung back-up for them at live performances. I don't know for certain but I believe they are of Filipina descent. 

Track 4 is a slightly altered cover of The Gap Band's song of the same name

Hit Me On The Hip 3:58
Playa 3:20
What's The Deal 4:18
Early In The Morning 3:21
Express 4:30
Groove Thang 3:52