Monday, October 29, 2018

Monica, Total & Brandy - 45-King Remixes (Promo VLS) (200x)

Further unofficial hip hop remakes from the 45-King of popular R&B hits from yesteryear and circulated on a series of bootleg vinyls during the early 2000s. As with the previous ones I posted some years back, they mostly incorporate loops and samples from various little-known soul/funk songs from the 50s and 60s. Again, it's good to hear a different spin on these notable tracks; aside from Aaliyah (not posted) and Total which received the full remix treatment from the Bad Boy camp, none of them ever had any proper remixes commissioned.

Just Another Girl (Promo VLS) (200x)
The 45-King Remix 3:07
Instrumental 3:02
Original Street Vocal 3:18 (aka LP Version)
Instrumental 3:19

Sittin' Home 2000/On Top Of The World 2000 (Promo VLS) (The Record Co., 200x)
Sittin' Home 2000 (45-King's Hip Hop Remix Vocal)    3:53
Sittin' Home 2000 (Instrumental)    2:33
Top Of The World 2000 (45-King's Hip Hop Remix Vocal)    4:23
On Top Of The World 2000 (Instrumental)    2:25