Sunday, September 30, 2018

Triquetra: Promo EP (200x)

More urban pop with Triquetra , a semi-independent all-female trio out of the UK whose only single, a cover of Kayrn White's 1998 single "Superwoman," made a small impact on the UK urban + club charts in 2006. Although not 100% sure, I don't think it ever went beyond the radio play stage and a follow-up "Half The Time" appeared to have been pulled from release as well with only a 1-trk promo seemingly in existence. While "Superwoman" seemed to be very Atomic Kitten-ish, the rest of the tracks here take on a slightly more urban-y appeal, notably "Get Down" which sounds not unlike a Scott Storch production from back in the day. All I am guessing were to appear on their album "The Power Of Three As One" which appears to not have been released.

Half The Time    3:42
You, Me And She    4:06
Superwoman    4:05
Get Down    4:20