Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Urban Phlavors Vol. 1: From The Studios (MRC Musyc, 1999)

As confirmed by my rather short-lived "Virginia Crate Digging" section, there is a ton of great R&B to be found in the Mother State if you go out and look for it: home-grown acts (Sesil & Lujon, Ultimate Pleazure and many more featured here) many who moved there from other States (Tracey McLeichey, Red) and bits and pieces from the surrounding areas such as Single and Unda Presha. Sadly I have nothing else new to add to this list for the foreseeable but here is a local hip hop/R&B compilation featuring teenage urban artists from the Music Resource Center, a community-run recording studio outta Charlotsville, VA. The R&B is mostly female and very 90s underground sounding. Highlights include the upbeat "Keep On Dancin'" by April Taylor and a female group (or duo) named Lyric who appear to be separate from the three groups by that name I have already posted here. All tracks were written, recorded and produced by local teenage members.
The Music Resource Center (aka. The Studios) is a Teens-Only program where students enrolled in 7th -12th grades can come to write and play music, take lessons, and make recordings. Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Music Resource Center has been giving teens access to its music studios since 1995.
Terrie Godfrey with Slim B. - You Make Me Smile    3:40 (R&B)
Nostradamus - Fall From Grace    3:07
Merevedi - Perfect Assassins    6:05
Merevedi - Caliente    3:59
Slim B. - Papi    5:05
April Taylor - Forever And A Day    4:45 (R&B)
April Taylor - Keep On Dancin'    3:41 (R&B)
Kevin Monroe - High Expectations    3:14 (R&B)
Rafael Oliver - Reminiscence    3:20
Rikki Johnson - Realize    5:29 (R&B)
Lyric - Love Will Bring You Home    3:31 (R&B)
Lyric - Baby    3:33 (R&B)
Terrie Godfrey - The Real Thing    3:21 (R&B)
Various - Phat Godizm    4:59
Various - Represent    4:27