Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Brownzville: S/T (Metisoul Entertainment, 1998)

Denver, Colorado isn't exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think of quality R&B music but I have found quite a few good artists from there over the years and of course my co-contributor and fellow Coloradoan Stuaaart knows that there is somewhat of an R&B scene to be found in the more urban-y areas. Presented above is a selection of smooth AF cuts from the Mile High City. All tracks are sung by a variety of different male artists; there are no rap songs but some guest raps by Araphahoe TRUES, a local rap trio. The album has a strange format; there are only 4 main tracks and some subsequent mixes/variations. A sampler possibly but also two extra hidden tracks beyond the Outro. The best tracks are undoubtedly "Fun" featuring The Trues and "Hey Lady" which features a Talkbox breakdown to die for. Great R&B from an unlikely place!

Intro 1:50
Fun (Extended Mix) (Featuring The Arapahoe Trues) 4:49
Fun (Accapella) 3:28
Fun (Radio Edit) 4:08
Hey Lady (Freak Mix) 3:59
Hey Lady (Jeep Mix) 3:49
Hey Lady (Late Night Mix) 3:57
The Ride (Lil Som'em For Feds) 1:58
Alone (Radio Edit) 4:59
Alone (Beatapella) 4:38
Break Beat (Come If You Want It) 2:08
Tonight 5:41
Outro 13:41