Monday, June 25, 2018

Lyrisis: Ghetto Renaissance (Ncyte Records, 2005)

From Birmingham, Alabama, a neo soul duo similar in style to Floetry...even down to the picture by the classic red telephone box... I don't know anything about them (the text inside the booklet is very hard to read as well) but the overall musical style falls into the neo/acoustic soul genre with a little spoken word and "modern" rhythm & blues.

Sistah 1:12
Southside 3:36
All Day Long 3:28
Selfish 4:54
Hustle 3:00
Wake Up 2:53
Dedicated 4:04
Dumb Nutty 2:56
Let's Love 3:34
Nostalgia (Remember When) 3:24
Things 3:23
Do You See 4:25