Saturday, June 30, 2018

Le'Che Martin: Demo (Promo CDr) (Big Sound Studios, 200x)

Formally a star in MTV's 2005 show Making The Band 3, Milwakee's Martin was sadly one of the unlucky ones who did not make the final group Dainty Kane (she was eliminated in episode 9 for 'failing to satisfy in terms of dancing') and never really got the big break that she deserved. A strong vocalist (think Kelly Rowland-meets-Brandy), missing out on a place in a generic-sounding pop group was perhaps a good thing but I am surprised that she never went any further. She was later picked up by local producer Chad 'C-Note' roper but aside from one very local single "Let's Not Talk About It", she never released anything else. She later appeared as a songwriter (most notable credits include "Acapella (Something's Missing") for Brandy and "Fall In Love" for UK vocalist Estelle.) Big thanks again to Stuaaart for another amazing contribution!

**Featuring production by Rico Love on track 1**

I'm So    1:06
Invitation    1:13
I'm In Love With You    3:30
Forbidden Fruit    3:33
Let's Not Talk About It    3:53
If You Really Love Me    3:40