Sunday, June 17, 2018

Exklusive: True Stories (J-Rob Productions, 200x)

From Stuaaart's stomping ground, an obscure male R&B artist from Denver, Colorado. There's no date of release but the style is mid 2000s mellow contemporary R&B mixed with John Legend-type soul. No information about him anywhere but pretty local to the Denver metropolitan area. I believe his real name was Deonte Waldrop but not entirely sure. Thanks again to Stuart for the contribution.

Sorry I'm Unavailable (True Stroies Intro) 3:25
You Don't Know Me 3:47
Bring It Back 3:49
You 4:09
Necessary Things 4:30
Surrender 5:38
Beautiful (My First Love) 5:08
Platonic 5:46
Ebony Eyes 3:48
Mama's Song (True Stories Interlude) 1:34
Safe In His Arms 3:43