Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tiaa Wells: Tiaa (Platinum Black Entertainment, 2004)

A cute 7-tracker from songwriter Tiaa (Wells) whose former claim to fame was penning Kelly Rowland's hit Train On A Track in 2003. Indeed, much of the material here sounds very similar to Rowland's early solo work with nuances of Beyonce sprinkled here and there. It's no surprising considering the set was partially produced by Rob Fusari who was mostly known for producing Destiny's Child's early hits. 

Changing My Direction 3:53
Untold Story 4:26
I Got Something 4 Ya 3:49
OooWee Boy 3:31 (Co-written with Cutfather & Joe)
Automatic 4:01 (Co-written with Rob Fusari)
All I Wanna Hear You Say 4:12
Cryin On My Shoulder 3:54 (Co-written and produced with Rob Fusari)