Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Kleer Water Entertainment: It's Kleer To Me (CD Comp) (Kleer Water Entertainment, 1998)

A further obscure comp from the lone star state and featuring a selection of male and female artists from San Antonio, Texas. The tracks are divided between three main acts (female artist Tranee' Antronae',  male artist Benjamin (Lakey) and a smooth male trio So Unique) and a handful of supporting artists. With the exception of Lakey and guitarist 17 Freeze (who later went on to work for Death Row records in the early 2000s), many of them don't exist anywhere else. The label's CEO goes by a familiar name "Slick Rick" but as far as I can tell he is not the same artist as the British American rapper of the same name.

It's Kleer To Me 4:46 (The Kleer Water Family)
Don't Play Those Games 4:37 (Tranee' Antronae w/ Tash-T & Tazy B)
It's Been A Long Time 5:29 (Benjamin)
Come Home 3:32 (Tranee' Antronae w/ Tazy B)
Galaxy Queen 5:26 (So Unique)
Dance Wit Me 4:42 (So Unique w/ Devine)
S-E-X-Y Sexual Attraction 5:20 (So Unique w/ Devine)
In My Lonely Room 4:20 (Benjamin)
I Promise You 5:32 (Benjamin w/ Rick)
A Mother's Love 5:44 (So Unique w/ Tranee' Antronae)
Outro 2:02 (So Unique w/ 'Shay Shay' High, 17 Freeze & Tazy B)