Monday, May 28, 2018

Jasmine Jai: Promo EP (Morehouse Entertainment, 2003)

Originally featured on my short-lived "Amazon" finds section, Philly-born Jai originally started out as a VJ on local show Urban X-Pressions before perusing her own career in music in the early 2000s. Her only EP "Be Easy" was described as having a Pink meets Missy kind of vibe but like most of the stuff I post, it was probably not that well known outside of her local area. In 2003, she recorded a further song, the Missy-esque "Hypnotized" which was released on a split 12" with a local rap artist J-Stix as the b-side.  I don't think it ever got much of a wide release but more songs can be found on the above CD which as with the 12" appears to be a demo only. In recent times, she now goes by her real name of Jade Alston and released her first full length album in 2013.

Hypnotized (Introducing J-Stix)    3:07
Confession    2:58
Bad Boy    3:02
For The First Time    3:24
J-Stix Bonus Tracks
Holla Stix    4:27
Nasty    3:56