Sunday, May 13, 2018

Fe'Male: Demo (Promo CDr) (Hit City Music, 2004)

A further blast from the past...the lost album from Fe'Male, an independent Georgia group that I first discovered on a rather ancient Tripod webpage that is surprisingly still active.  At only 8 tracks in length, I don't know if it was a completed project but one track "My Chance" was available to preview on the Tripod webpage at one point. Two others (4, 8) feature production from Swizz Beatz and a further two (2, 5) were featured on a previous demo I posted a few years back which also featured collaborations with Cash Money's Birdman. They have since reappeared with a 6-trk digital EP "Big Gurlz" which spawned one single "U Don't Know Me." It was made available to download in 2007 but I have a feeling that many of the tracks featured were originally recorded in the early 2000s. Sadly I can't find much else about them but I think out of all the groups featured on the page they were probably the one that showed the most promise.

Intro 0:23
Bad Girl 3:43
My Chance 4:13
Never 3:53
I Don't Wanna 4:17
Don't Leave 4:52
Outta Control 4:03
Half-Way 3:55