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Monday, May 28, 2018

Jasmine Jai: Promo EP (Morehouse Entertainment, 2003)

Originally featured on my short-lived "Amazon" finds section, Philly-born Jai originally started out as a VJ on local show Urban X-Pressions before perusing her own career in music in the early 2000s. Her only EP "Be Easy" was described as having a Pink meets Missy kind of vibe but like most of the stuff I post, it was probably not that well known outside of her local area. In 2003, she recorded a further song, the Missy-esque "Hypnotized" which was released on a split 12" with a local rap artist J-Stix as the b-side.  I don't think it ever got much of a wide release but more songs can be found on the above CD which as with the 12" appears to be a demo only. In recent times, she now goes by her real name of Jade Alston and released her first full length album in 2013.

Hypnotized (Introducing J-Stix)    3:07
Confession    2:58
Bad Boy    3:02
For The First Time    3:24
J-Stix Bonus Tracks
Holla Stix    4:27
Nasty    3:56

Brenda B: Promo EP (B-Boy Records, 199x)

Obscure seemingly unreleased R&B from the Bronx... I don't know anything about the artist but the label B-Boy Records was mainly active in the late 80s. They mainly focused on rap but the above artist and another Jenesis (with "Baby Tonight") are the only two R&B artists that they had on their roster. There's no date of release but guessing early to mid 90s judging by the hybrid R&B/rap sound. 

Waiting [Radio] 4:24
Waiting [TV] 4:09
Waiting [Instrumental] 4:09
Waiting [Acappella] 4:36
Do Me Right [Radio] 4:23
Do Me Right [Remix] 4:16
Do Me Right [Instrmunetal] 4:09

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tiaa Wells: Tiaa (Platinum Black Entertainment, 2004)

A cute 7-tracker from songwriter Tiaa (Wells) whose former claim to fame was penning Kelly Rowland's hit Train On A Track in 2003. Indeed, much of the material here sounds very similar to Rowland's early solo work with nuances of Beyonce sprinkled here and there. It's no surprising considering the set was partially produced by Rob Fusari who was mostly known for producing Destiny's Child's early hits. 

Changing My Direction 3:53
Untold Story 4:26
I Got Something 4 Ya 3:49
OooWee Boy 3:31 (Co-written with Cutfather & Joe)
Automatic 4:01 (Co-written with Rob Fusari)
All I Wanna Hear You Say 4:12
Cryin On My Shoulder 3:54 (Co-written and produced with Rob Fusari)

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Tha Dynasty: That's What It Is [EP] (Urban Legendz Records, 2006)

Ever wondered what happened to former J Records trio Lyric following their demise? Then look no further than the above group which featured two former members Thema (pronounced Tayma) and Nicole... Nicole left Lyric before they were signed to the label but Thema was one third of the group along with Fendi and Jacki. The brainchild of Thema's brother, producer Carlos "Priceless" McKinney, they were tipped to be the next Destiny's Child but in the end found themselves pushed out in favor of rising star Alicia Keys. They turned down an offer from Universal Records

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Fe'Male: Demo (Promo CDr) (Hit City Music, 2004)

A further blast from the past...the lost album from Fe'Male, an independent Georgia group that I first discovered on a rather ancient Tripod webpage that is surprisingly still active.  At only 8 tracks in length, I don't know if it was a completed project but one track "My Chance" was available to preview on the Tripod webpage at one point. Two others (4, 8) feature production from Swizz Beatz and a further two (2, 5) were featured on a previous demo I posted a few years back which also featured collaborations with Cash Money's Birdman. They have since reappeared with a 6-trk digital EP "Big Gurlz" which spawned one single "U Don't Know Me." It was made available to download in 2007 but I have a feeling that many of the tracks featured were originally recorded in the early 2000s. Sadly I can't find much else about them but I think out of all the groups featured on the page they were probably the one that showed the most promise.

Intro 0:23
Bad Girl 3:43
My Chance 4:13
Never 3:53
I Don't Wanna 4:17
Don't Leave 4:52
Outta Control 4:03
Half-Way 3:55

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hope Patrick: Hope (Elm Productions, 2000)

More independent music from SoCal and mainly very mellow R&B with a sweet, light vocal. I don't know much about the the artist Hope (Patrick) but she was previously a supporting vocalist for LA-area G-Funk artists. Aside from here, she can be heard on two other albums (This Negroe Is Crazy by  El Negroe and The Element Of Surprise by The Unexpected.) Sadly her own album remains out of print along with 4 other releases that the label Slaash.com put out in the early 2000s. 

Intro 1:16
Chapters 1 & 2 5:08
Will You Be There 5:14
Love Will Make Time 3:26
I Don't Want Yo Man 4:06
Intermission 0:58
We're Thru 4:03
Like Wine 2:41
Da Club 2:50
I Wanna Be With You 4:03
Outro 1:07

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Kleer Water Entertainment: It's Kleer To Me (CD Comp) (Kleer Water Entertainment, 1998)

A further obscure comp from the lone star state and featuring a selection of male and female artists from San Antonio, Texas. The tracks are divided between three main acts (female artist Tranee' Antronae',  male artist Benjamin (Lakey) and a smooth male trio So Unique) and a handful of supporting artists. With the exception of Lakey and guitarist 17 Freeze (who later went on to work for Death Row records in the early 2000s), many of them don't exist anywhere else. The label's CEO goes by a familiar name "Slick Rick" but as far as I can tell he is not the same artist as the British American rapper of the same name.

It's Kleer To Me 4:46 (The Kleer Water Family)
Don't Play Those Games 4:37 (Tranee' Antronae w/ Tash-T & Tazy B)
It's Been A Long Time 5:29 (Benjamin)
Come Home 3:32 (Tranee' Antronae w/ Tazy B)
Galaxy Queen 5:26 (So Unique)
Dance Wit Me 4:42 (So Unique w/ Devine)
S-E-X-Y Sexual Attraction 5:20 (So Unique w/ Devine)
In My Lonely Room 4:20 (Benjamin)
I Promise You 5:32 (Benjamin w/ Rick)
A Mother's Love 5:44 (So Unique w/ Tranee' Antronae)
Outro 2:02 (So Unique w/ 'Shay Shay' High, 17 Freeze & Tazy B)