Friday, April 13, 2018

Shay-La: Demo [EP] (Shay-La Productions, 199x)

Originally posted back at the beginning of 2016, Shay-La was an independent singer-songwriter based out of Deerfield, Illinois most notably known in collector's circuits for her 1996 self-titled album. Not much was known about her but having recently been able to look at the artwork (Stuaaart's copy did not come with any), it seems she worked with Low End Theory's Carnell Newbill and E-Smoove on the project which she wrote and produced herself. The above EP appears to have been compiled not long after and features 4 brand new tracks. I am guessing that it may have been given out during live shows but not entirely certain. Whether or not the songs were recorded at the same time as her album I cannot say but the sound - smooth 90s R&B with inflections of hip hop and soul - is very similar. It's hard to believe that she was an independent artist from a small village just some 90 miles north of Chicago. She really had an amazing sound.

"Who or what is a SHAY-LA? SHAY-LA is a talented young lady who has written, produced & performed her own CD entitled "SHAY-LA". The "SHAY SOUND" is simply: classy old school R&B and we are sure that once you have heard ANT NOTHIN GONNA GO WRONG, SO VERY MUCH LOVED,SERVE U RIGHT, HANDS ON YOU, & LOVE JONES, you will undoubtebly (sic) agree." 
Love Jones    4:21
I Ain't In Yo Video    3:54
My Story    5:27
In A Min    4:24