Friday, March 16, 2018

Various Artists: Keith Andes Demos (Promo CDr) (EMI Music Publishing, 2000)

Unreleased demos from Keith Andes, a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Atlanta who was mostly active during the 90s. I don't believe any of the songs were ever submitted to any artists and from what I can tell, none appear in the ACE or BMI Repertories. Most were co-written with other musicians, mainly Brandy's former writer Kenisha Pratt and Ricky Jones. Jones provides vocals for most of the tracks along with Wisconsin singer-songwriter Jeff Dixon (now known as Jeff M. Dixon) and some others. Jones formally worked with Andes with his early 90s soul/vocal group Yours Truly. Sadly they fell through the cracks but Andes later went on to achieve platinum success with artists such as En Vogue and also worked alongside Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. Again many thanks to Stuart for the contribution.

Keith Andes w/ Kenisha Pratt - #1 4:19
Keith Andes w/ Kenisha Pratt - That's The Way I Like It 4:18
Ricky Jones w/ Kenisha Pratt - Girl Next Door 4:37
Ricky Jones - I Cried [2000 Demo] 4:23
Ricky Jones - I Just Wanna Be With You 4:37
Ricky Jones - How Does It Feel? 5:07
Ricky Jones - Set It Off 5:44
Ricky Jones - I Cried [2001 Demo] 4:23
Lil Man - That's The Way I Like It 4:24
Lil Man - I Ain't Got The Time 4:16
Jeff Dixon - Thick Cutie 4:32
Jeff Dixon - Get Away 3:25
Jeff Dixon w/ Staci Shepard - Everything 4:39
Coretta Matthews - Character In Me 5:39
Ricky Jones - I Need You In My Life 4:31
Ricky Jones - Ain't No Way 4:20