Thursday, March 8, 2018

Unda Presha: The Essence Of Time... (REP Records, 1995)

Another obscure male group found digging through the crates in Virginia and sounding similar to one of PA's greatest exports Boyz II Men. Hailing from PA themselves (Pittsburgh), the production here is amazing and it's hard to believe nobody knows about them and the producer Rondeau "Duke" Williams doesn't have a longer resume. In the 2000s, he went on to produce a handful of songs for Mya and ex-Mista member Bobby Valentino. Mainly a very smooth album, mixing New Jack Swing and quiet storm R&B flavas... Many thanks to Stuaaart & his friend for the contribution and to Jim for allowing me to buy my very own copy.

Forever Gone 4:20
Lover 4:58
Wishgranter 3:49
Sunshine 6:22
Love Is The Way 4:57
It's OK 5:07
Ecstasy 5:09
PreshaLude [Forever Gone] 1:34
Unda Presha 4:02
Sooner Or Later 4:54
My Lost Farewell 5:27