Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ultimate Pleazure: S/T [EP] (Self-Titled, 1994)

After thoroughly enjoying all of the amazing finds that our friend unearthed for us while crate digging throughout Virginia, I am ecstatic to be given more exclusive finds to feature of my blog via my good friend Stuaaart. The name might sound familiar to some as per their other releases from 1997 and 1998 but at one point they appeared to be a trio and released this self-titled EP back in 1994. The sound is a mixture of New Jack Swing and early 90s R&B with modern soul harmonies a la Force MD's (one track in particular "Take Me As I Am" bears a slight nod to their 1985 track "Tender Love.") Group members are Vernon 'Ty-Luv' Battle, Kenneth 'K.C.' Miller and Donald 'Theo' Thorogood and all hail from or around Chesapeake, VA. Later EP releases without Thorogood include 1997's "Emotions Of A Real Man" and 1998's "The Man In Me."

Private World 5:57
Take Me As I Am 6:23
Is It Too Late 4:00
Take Me As I Am [Topthumpin' Jeep Mix] 6:21