Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Veronica Giles: You're My Type Of Guy (Cassingle) (Wright Enterprices Records, 1992)

More obscure R&B from the Bay with the above artist who was based out of San Jose in the early 90s. I know nothing about her but the b-side was originally released on 7" vinyl with "My Type Of Guy" on the flip-side. Judging by the poofy hair, that was probably in the late 80s but I don't know for exact certain. Regardless, the track is a robust slice of funk-laced New Jack Swing with a soul vocal to die for. Thanks again to Stuaaart for sending it my way!

You're My Type Of Guy 4:36
You're My Type Of Guy [Club Mix] 5:22
Gotta Be Strong 5:42