Sunday, February 4, 2018

Just Us Records: A New Era Has Arrived CD Compilation Vol. 1 (Just Us Records, 2003)

Another obscure compilation featuring a selection of hip hop and R&B artists on a local Alexandria, VA-based label. Two featured R&B artists Shaunti (Monique) Carroll and Rodney Walker hail from DC and SC and are a blend of guitar-driven hip hop soul and smooth contemporary R&B respectively. Both are exclusive to this compilation and cannot be found anywhere else although the label still appears to be active. Sadly none of their more recent artists or productions can measure up to the above work.

(Shaunti Carroll) Bye, Bye Love 4:05
(Shaunti Carroll) I Wanna Feel You 4:36
(Shaunti Carroll) Can We Work It Out 4:10
(Da Fam) Favorite Thug 4:55
(Da Fam) Strictly Dogz 3:56
(Da Fam) Now And Forever 5:13
(Da Fam) Rules Of Life 4:43
(Da Fam) Hold Your Head High 4:41
(Rodney Walker) Your Gonna Be Mine 5:19
(Rodney Walker) I Can't Be Yours 4:37
(Rodney Walker) I Can't See 4:12
(Rodney Walker) Tell Me 3:56
(Jeli) My Crew 4:12 (Bonus Track)