Sunday, February 11, 2018

Joi Campbell: Unreleased Album (N/A, 2002)

Sister of multi-platinum, Grammy-awarding winning producer, Warryn 'Baby Dubb' Campbell, Joi was one of a handful of new urban acts signed to Clive Davis' J Records in the early 2000s. Sadly her time at the label was very fleeting and aside from one radio-play single and a couple of songs on promotional comps, barely anybody knew about her. Whether she was just too similar to the label's other new signee at the time Monica or was one of the ones lost when BMG acquired its stake in the label in 2002, I don't know. A similar fate befell R&B trio Lyric (you can read about them here) and of course, everybody knows what happened to Monica's first album with the label (although she did
get something released in the end.) Much appreciation once again goes out to my co-contributor Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets for finding this one, which I don't think was Campbell's final album but definitely an early incarnation of it. Altogether there are 10 tracks on a generic BASF CDr with "Joi Campbell" and "1/04/02" written on it in marker. Major inconsistencies in the tracks and dates leads me to believe this may have been a demo or a very, very early incarnation of what was to be her debut album with the label. For instance, "Keep It Movin'" does not appear, as doesn't a few others shown on the front cover. The only tracks that are there are "Love Story", "In Tha Beginning", "Cry-Cry-Cry", "One Woman Man' "Go Back" and "Cupid (Pick Up Tha Pieces.) The remainder appears to be unknown titles although one I was later able to track down in the ACE database as "Rain." She later re-recorded in 2011 as JoiStaRR. "Go Back" includes a sample of the Notorious B.I.G.'s "One More Chance (Remix)" which was also used by Ashanti for her single "Foolish" at around the same time. Most if not all tracks were presumed to have been produced by her brother Warryn Campbell.

Track order on disc:

Cupid (Pick Up The Pieces) 4:35
One Woman Man 3:31
Cry-Cry-Cry 4:06
Go Back 3:56
Rain 3:26
Made 2 Luv 4:15 (Approximate title "I Am.")
In The Beginning 3:39
Love Story 4:55
Intoxicatin' 5:12 (Approximate title "Answering Machine.")
Keep It Movin' 3:45 (Approximate title "Other Fish In The Sea.")