Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Future California Mix: Whatcha Gonna Do (Cassette Comp) (Benstar Records, 1993)

Another obscure compilation from Oakland and a mixture of many different styles not limited to G-Rap, modern soul, dance hall and progressive jazz. Only one of the artists De'Ann Lott comes up in any search results and she was formally a backing singer of much esteem in the Bay Area. The remainder of the artists are unknown but the highlight of the set is definitely the male group One Tyme who remind me somewhat of an underground incarnation of LeVert. Many thanks again to my regular contributor Stuaaart for sending this my way.

Whatcha Gonna Do 4:07
All About Us 4:47
Rodney King 4:07
Mcin Is A Rule 3:43
All To Myself 3:54
Gangsters Roll To This 4:35
Whatcha Gonna Do (W/Rap) 4:15
Will I Fall In Love 5:11
Little Girl 3:55
Letter 4:31
Property 4:06
Outro 1:32