Thursday, January 4, 2018

Michael Jay R&B Songs (Promo EP) (Playfull/Playhard Music, 199x)

Further rare music from Michael Jay, a songwriter with an extensive resume during the 90s. He mainly wrote pop songs but included on the above demo tape are some of the more R&B-ish compositions that he wrote. I don't know if the singers featured are session singers but Evelyn ''Champagne'' King is singing on track 5 (which later went on to appear on her 1995 album "Leave A Light On.") Track 2 - another New Jack Swing banger - may also have been written with her in mind as well but there is another vocalist singing it. Altogether there are 5 different vocalists singing on these tracks with the bulk possibly performed by Jay himself although not 100% certain. Sadly a few (3 & 6) are bordering more on adult-contemporary pop. Once again, Jay's forte was obviously more pop music but there are a few hidden gems here.

Just To Be With You 3:59
This Is Your Love Life 4:19
I'm Still Here 4:56
Love Is Here To Stay 4:28
In It For Me 4:13
I've Got A Good Thing Going 4:41
All Of Me Wants All Of You 4:29