Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Marilynn: I Want You (Bomar Music, 1994)

From Chi-Town, more independent R&B and going all the way back to 1994. Nothing is known about the artist but the main producer of the work later went on to work on the underground rap scene. The style of music is a mixture of quiet-storm modern soul, New Jack Swing and electronic dance music with Caribbean and gospel influences. Thanks again to Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets for the contribution. 

Say It Ain't So 4:56
I Want You 3:27
Slo-motion 4:00
Love Change 4:26
Sexual Healing 4:43 (A cover of Marvin Gaye's song of the same name)
Give Love A Try 4:42
Paradise 5:52
He's Got It 4:11
Higher 3:53
Just For Your Love 4:17
Why Do Me Wrong 3:50
Don't You Wanna Dance 4:22
No More Tears 4:17
Enjoy Today 4:02