Thursday, February 8, 2018

Lysette Titi: Dallas Austin Demos (Promo CDr) (EMI Music Publishing, 2006)

Titi along with male R&B singer Derick Dimitry and neo soul artist Joi was one of the first artists signed to Dallas Austin's Freeworld Entertainment label in 1997.  She is mostly known for her only single "Young Sad And Blue" which drew her instant comparisons to Aaliyah, Brandy and other female contemporary R&B stars at the time. Sadly problems at the label lead to its eventual demise and she never released anything else. Other artists who also lost out included classic soul group The O'Jays and rock band Tool. Following this, Austin moved his main base of operations over to Universal Records and signed a host of new acts not limited to pre-teen vocalist Sammie and Detroit
male quartet Vega. Unfortunately Lysette was not among them but may at one point have been an early consideration as several unused demos can be found on the above disc. Sadly many appear unfinished with only Titi singing the hook but the two that are complete are very akin to the futuristic R&B sound that Austin achieved on TLC's "Fanmail" album under his other alias "Crypton.". The rest of the demos of hers feature Austin's frequent writing partner Debra Killings singing and the sound of these is more pop rock. It was around this time that Austin was beginning to experiment with a more rocky sound which he would later perfect on albums for Pink, Anastacia and many other popular artists at the time. Other artists featured include Irish boy band Mytown and and Monica Payne (formally one half of the duo Terri & Monica) with the rock-flavored "Laugh" which bears more than a nod to "Unpretty" by TLC. Comparable to the Backstreet Boys, I don't know if Mytown was ever affiliated with Austin's label at all but they released their only album in 1999 via Universal Records. None of the demos featured here appeared on the album but one song was later given to British singer Dane Bowers for use on his 2001 album which was also not released.

The date of issuance on the disc says 2006 but most - if not all - of these demos were recorded in 1999.

Many thanks again to Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets for the contribution

Think Of Me 4:37
Can't Go On Like This 4:20
World Song 5:00
Used To 3:46
Why Are You Lonely Tonight 3:53
Get Up 4:17
He Said, She Said 4:32
Irresistible Lover 4:22
Move On 3:32
Rico's Theme 4:33
Scam [Dallas Austin Demo] 4:04
Convict [Dallas Austin Demo] 4:08
The Girl Ain't Mine [Mytown Demo] 4:11
Scam [Mytown Demo] 4:00
Laugh 4:52
I Like It 4:14
Playette 4:32