Monday, January 29, 2018

Focus: Pass Me Not (CDM) (Pure Records, 1994)

They may have been the city's biggest export but Beyonce were not the only female R&B group to come out of Houston, Texas in the 90s. Here is a lesser known trio and a mixture of gospel, New Jack Swing and contemporary R&B. I don't know anything about them but as per the back both tracks were to appear on their album "Focus Eyes On A Prize" which I don't think was ever released. Produced by Julius Papion who later went on to produce for many local rap/G-Funk artists at his studio (Papion Sound Studios) in Houston Texas. A few years later, the label signed another group B.L.A.K. who also never lasted beyond one single.

Pass Me Not (Radio Edit) 3:24
Pass Me Not (Album Version) 4:05
Pass Me Not (Rap Version) 4:17
Pass Me Not (Urban Rap Version) 4:43
There's A Saying That Goes (Radio Edit) 3:43
There's A Saying That Goes (Album Version) 5:08
There's A Saying That Goes (Remix) 5:08
There's A Saying That Goes (Phone Mix) 4:29